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A Synopsis of the First International Quds Day Conference and Exhibition

By I. H. Mshelgaru
On the 26 July 2015, the first international Quds conference and exhibition was held in Abuja-Nigeria to crown 4-day long events designed to remember the 34 massacred while commemorating the Quds day of 2014 in Zaria.

 The conference which was tagged “Zaria Quds day 2014 Massacre: a cast in stone” was held at the Sheraton Hotel and the invited distinguished guest speakers at various sessions were Imam Muhammad Al-Asi, the Chief Imam of Washington DC, USA; SayedMassoudShedjareh, Chairman, Islamic Human Right Commission UK; And Professor ChidiOdinkalu Chairman, National Human Right Commission, Nigeria. Others were HajiyaBilkisu Yusuf mni, a seasoned journalist; and Chief Ebenezer Oyetakin of the Anti-corruption network for justice.

The sub-theme of the conference was “Al-Quds: Historical Perspective and the Significance of Marking the International Quds Day” and the subject of discussion for the symposium was “From Al-Quds to Zaria: A Melting Pot of Rights Violation, Veil of Bias and Conspiracy of Silence”.

Below from a tom, is a summary of the main points highlighted around the theme.

(a)   The conference clearly distinguished that Quds is not about Arab and Jew, Islam, Christianity or Judaism, state of Palestine and state of Israel, but about inhumane and human justice, oppressed and oppressor, and right and wrong.

(b)   It also created an understanding and declared that liberating Palestine encompasses liberating it from psychological, social, cultural, political, and military dominations and not restricted to freeing the features, infrastructures and the land of the region.

(c)    The conference pointed out that the scope of the liberation of Palestine stretches from the Suez Canal in Egypt (Africa) to river Euphrates in Iraq (Asia) as scoped by the scheme of the greater Israel. In a broader sense, the conference believed that the freedom of the entire world will not be completed without liberating Palestine.

(d)   The conference traced the historic origin of the Israeli atrocity as rooted in their origin, when the ten half-brothers of Prophet Yusuf (AS) the son of Prophet Yaqub alias Israel (AS) mischievously jealous, wickedly hate and decided to kill over an envy of divine favours bestowed on him. The subsequent developments highlighted were, defying prophets (e.g. Musa (AS)) and blackmailing and accusing the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) of confusion for simply acting according to Allah’s dictates.

(e)    Since then as the conference underlined, Israel inherited mayhems and has been using violence to pursue its colonial, imperial, and racial ambitions. It additionally noted that for fear of exposing its malicious psychologies, it spreads more atrocities all over the world including Zaria in Nigeria.

(f)    The conference disclosed evidences of direct involvements of Israeli securities and weapons amidst Nigerian military elements in the 2014 Zaria massacre

(g)   The conference was convinced that the massacre in Zaria in 2014 occurred as a result of the growing awareness and freedom seeking communities mainly in the Movement and of Nigeria being an imperative heart of Africa with abundant enticing resources.

(h)   It was however noted with dismay that the members of the Islamic movement were the most persecuted and the most victimized citizens in the country.

(i)     The conference as well declared determinations to focus efforts of liberation on the spiritual Israel which dwells in the occupied Palestine, USA, UN, Canada and European countries.

(j)     It called for commitments to have all hands on deck in pursuit of the truth in order to force a new world order be written in favour of the truth.

(k)   The conference reiterates its deep disappointment over government’s conspiracy of silence on the murderers of the 34 in cold blood in Zaria, knowing fully well that with good intentions all crimes can traced.

(l)     The conference then described the government‘s conspiracy of silence over the murder of the 34 as the worst oppression and therefore called for its condemnation.

(m) The conference likewise declared that it owed the martyrs of Zaria 2014 a duty to investigate and find out what truly happened so as to punish those that may be implicated.