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A Spiteful Call for Demolition of Kano Markaz, Sheikh Turi’s House, to the Kano State Government

In a letter of complaint issued to the Kano state Deputy Governor, Emir of Kano, Kano state Commissioner of Police, signed by Alhaji Lawan Hassan, Chairman, Kofar Waika Community Association, spitefully demanding the state authority to carry out a notorious demolition of Kano zone centre for Shi’ites Islamic activities and house of Sheikh Mahmud Turi has been uncovered.

The exposition of the hostile letter came through Alhaji Adamu Gobirawa, who immediately convened the Community elders of the Area and revealed the panic situation, acknowledging the repercussion when such a evil task is executed.

Below is the what is contained in the letter as we precisely re-copied it with its grammatical errors:


We Community of KOFAR WAIKA Area of Gwale Local Government hereby forward our complain and grievances over the Shi’ites dangerous activities in the state. It is important that none of the resident of Waika Area is following Shi’ites religion, as such we are in a state of terrifying, chaos and confession over their dangerous and unacceptable activities in the area. 

Since the Shi’ites clashes with military at Zaria in December, 2015, which resulted in to the killing of so many Shi’ites militants including Malam Turi the Deputy to Zakzaky and subsequent demolition of their headquarters at Zaria, we are witnessing the presence and movement of strange faces moving in and out of late 

Turi’s house with undisclosed and unidentified items believed to be dangerous to the peace and stability of the state.

They organize so called preaching sermon session on which they are showering submersive and abusive words to the constituted  authority, the traditional rulers and the securing agencies and also in insighting their followers for violence.

It was because of the aforementioned reasons that some of the aggrieved youth of the area planned to set the said house ablazed,  but with the interception of the elders they were stopped from taking the law into their hands.

Sir, it became imperative at this juncture to appeal with strong voice for the government to urgently swift into action by DEMOLITION or TAKING OVER late Turi’s house so as to restore the state from calamity and disaster of violence and insecurity.

Presently all the Shi’ites dangerous rally, militancy and their general ill plans and activities were organized from this house.

As such, in view of the foregoing facts, and coupled with their aggressive nature and lawlessness attitude we don’t want them in our area."


letter to kano govt

letter to kano govt