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A Spectacular Birth Day of Imam Hasan al-Mujtabah Held in Kaduna

By Abdullahi Isa Wasagu
On Wednesday 15th of Ramadan, 1436 (1/7/15), Kaduna zone of  the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the guardianship of his eminence Sheikh Ibraheem El-Zakzaky organized a spectacular Birth Day Celebration of the second infallible, Imam Hasan al-Mujtabah(a.s).

The event took place at  Zango Primary School play ground  T/Wada Kaduna with large number  of people in attendance.

The guest speaker, Sheikh Abubakar Maina explained at length the immaculate life of the Imam. He began by expressing gratitude to the Allah(T) for the blessing He granted in the Months of Sha’aban and Ramadan.

The sheikh explained that Allah(T) sent Angel Gabriel(a.s) to order Prophet Muhammad(pbuh & hf) to marry up  light to light, meaning to marry Sayyidah Zahara(s.a) to Imam Ali(a.s). The conception of the infallible Imam was in Zulhijjah and the glorious birth took place on 15th of Ramadan.

He further explained that during the birth of the holy Imam, Allah(T) sent Angel Gabriel again to convey the message of Allah(T) rejoicing the family of the Prophet over his birth. The Angel ordered the Prophet (pbuh & hf) to name the blessed baby Shubar as selected by Allah the Most High.

He explained the affection of the Imam with his grandfather, the Holy Prophet. He used to kiss the Imam at his lips implying that he will be killed through poisoning by Ja’adah.


Sheikh Maina also explained many aspects of the Imam- his God Consciousness, mysticism, gratitude, faith in Allah and his endurance.

In his comment Sheikh Mukhtar Sahabi expatiated on the tribulations experienced by the Imam. He acknowledged that the Imam suffered from the hostility of Banu Umayyah more than his fraternal brother Imam Husain(a.s).

At the end, Sheikh Mukhtar Sahabi also sensitized the gathering on the significance of the  Holy Month of Ramadan and therefore, called on the necessity of selling essential commodities at discounted prices so as to earn blessings of Allah. The event rounded up at about 11:00 p.m.