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A Rejoinder to Sheikh Balarabe Yakasai’s Vituperation on the Political Forum of the Islamic movement:

In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, who in His glorious book stated that: “Ask the people of knowledge, if you do not know”. (Q16:43) Our attention was drawn to an article making the rounds on social media platforms written by one Sheikh Balarabe Yakasai, in which he mischievously tried to misinform the public regarding an issue he absolutely has no knowledge about. Here, we shall set the records straight.

First off, the writer mischievously repeatedly referred to the Islamic movement as “IMN” and “Shia sect” in an attempt to give it an organizational and sectarian outlook. Far from it, the Islamic movement is not an organization called “IMN” it’s a concept, an idea, a philosophy and a move towards the restoration of Islamic glory on the face of the earth; this our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H) has said times without number is the goal of the Islamic Movement.

Similarly, we do not consider ourselves a religious sect, as the writer mischievously tried to portray. We are Muslims and what we practice is Islam. As a matter of fact, the Islamic movement is against any form of sectarianism. This is the reason it welcomes people from different walks of life with open arms to join its struggle for the establishment of justice. Thus, it should be noted categorically that the Islamic movement is neither an organization nor a sectarian group.

Furthermore, the writer either ignorantly or malevolently also tried to draw comparison between some organizations based in Lebanon and Iraq, and the Islamic movement which is not an organization; a comparison between Lebanese and Iraqi society and the Nigerian society, which are obviously different in population composition, history, geography, and even more important- system of governments and constitutional rules. The goal of the said organizations he draws example with is also quite different from that of the Islamic movement.

So the writer is either uninformed and has lost touch with the realities around him to draw such an absurd comparison, or is deliberately trying to misinform the gullible public in order to score a cheap argumentative point. Either way, in spite of the intent behind it, the comparison is illogical to say the least. It is like comparing two mutually exclusive phenomena or desperately trying to fit something into where it originally doesn’t belong.

In addition, the writer in an attempt to give undeserved credit to his teachers opined that it was their unrelenting advise to the “leaders of Islamic movement” that finally led to establishment of the Political Forum of the Islamic movement. This claim is not only outrageous, but also vituperative, insensitive and lacks any iota of truth.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Islamic movement has no “leaders”, it has only one leader, in person of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), all other people identifying themselves with the movement are simply his followers. It is worth noting that, our leader (H) is a versatile scholar of high repute, who has a good understanding of his time. He knows what should happen when and where, and all his decisions to make something public or otherwise, and at what time exactly, stems from his reading situations around as they affect the movement and therefore make final decisions in the best interest of the movement.

In truth, the decision to have an audience with some representatives of the Political Forum at this material time is certainly not influenced by the so-called “advises” of the writer’s teachers who are in the same league with the oppressors of people in the country. In contrast, our leader is not in the same league with any oppressor, and this is a fact even his archenemies will testify to.

The Political Forum of the Islamic Movement has in fact outdated all their (his teachers) various commercial ventures they deceitfully named “Teachings of Ahlul Bayt”. The Political Forum has been in existence since time immemorial, dating back to as far as early years of the inception of the movement late seventies/early eighties.

Therefore, it is not a new phenomenon. And it’s presence does not in any way mean that the Islamic movement has now turned into a political party, or that the movement is supporting one political party or another, or it will ask its activists to vote so and so candidate, in the Nigerian political space. This shall never happen! The Islamic movement is, and will continue to be, apolitical as far as the present Nigerian political system is concerned.

In conclusion, the writer of the article referenced here has goofed a great deal. He exhibited compound ignorance syndrome: that is he does not know, and he does not even know that he does not know. The Islamic movement, under the auspicious guardianship of his Eminence Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), can never be used by unsucruplous elements to achieve cheap political points, such as the writer of the said article intended to. The general public should be aware of this.

All the points raised by the writer are fallacious, far-fetched and insulting to the person of our revered leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky (H), and to the Islamic movement as a whole. And therefore we call upon the general public to disregard what is contained in that article written with malicious intent to distort the truth about the reason behind the activities of the Political Forum of the Islamic movement.

Any effort by any person or group of people to link the Islamic movement directly with political activities under this corrupt system will certainly be dead on arrival.

Peace be with those who follow the right path.

Fatima Ismail
The Academic Forum of the Islamic movement
28th August, 2022