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A new plot to suppress Islamic Movement in kaduna state

By Muhammad Ibrahim and Haydar
It is to the cognizance of all and sundry that, for the fast 35 years since the advent of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, brothers and sisters of the stable Movement are conducting a sermon popularly known as "Pre-Hudbah" on weekly bases.

 It has now come to our notice that Kaduna state Government in conjunction some non-Governmental associations are planning to attack brothers in the Mosques where this weekly programme is being conducted in Zaria city, named "Masallacin Fada".

It was last week when a number of Police officers along side Vigilante Groups were seen laying  a siege of the Mosque, since before the commencement of the sermon. Nevertheless the unprecedented threat, for almost 35 years, the pre-sermon was peacefully conducted.

During  the week, on Monday 08/02/2016, a letter was dropped to some delegations among brothers, that the peaceful weekly pre-sermon should be stopped. On further discourse with the delegations, it came to limelight that, some non-Governmental associations among which include the Mosque’s Committee had reported brothers calling for the sermon to be banned. On finding the reason for that, the call for banning the weekly programme was not connected to anything rather than what happened at Bagari central Mosque, a village at just a stones throw to Zaria the city.