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A Joint force of Police and thugs attack Shiites in Kaduna again

By Abdulmumin Giwa
Following the recent announcement by the Kaduna state government condemning the attack on Shiites by sponsored thugs during the annual Ashura commemoration, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) in Kaduna decided to clean up the Islamic Center at Zango Road Tudun Wada, Kaduna.

Just as they were busy washing the vandalized center, hired thugs carrying cutlasses swords and sticks launched an attack on them in the presence of police who did not make any attempt to stop them. Not less than ten IMN members were seriously injured with deep cuts.
An eye witness confirmed that one IMN member was killed in his presence during the attack and the police took the corpse away.
The hired thugs reassembled carrying dangerous weapons and were escorted by the police where they went to Unguwan Muazu, a close by neighborhood, and attacked houses and shops of IMN members where they looted property worth millions. They injured a young lady with sharp objects in one of the houses they attacked.
A section of the IMN’s Fudiyya Primary School at Unguwan Muazu was also demolished by the hired thugs.
The hired thugs cheered the police who were in more than 15 vehicles as they moved on to the next community Kinkinau where they also attacked some selected IMN members houses.
The entourage was made up of the thugs led by two notable Salafist scholars in Kaduna and were chanting “no more Shia”.
Meanwhile, there has not been any statement from the Kaduna state government on the recent attack.
Earlier, the IMN members were attacked on Wednesday by a combined team of Police, Army, Civil Defense and hired thugs in Kaduna, Funtua, Kano, Jos and Sokoto towns where 17 IMN members were killed, scores injured and over three hundred arrested.
Islamic centers and schools were also demolished by the team and properties worth millions were also destroyed.
Following the incident, Plateau state government also announced the banning of the IMN activities in the state as did the Kaduna state government earlier.