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By Abdulmumin Giwa
I am always dumbfounded at the sense of judgment of the Army and those gullible-minded and myopic people who have chosen to believe that the people of Gyallesu in Zaria where the revered leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) was residing jubilated the the genocide on members of the Movement in Zaria perpetrated by the Army and even hailed the Army. 

They even go further to shamelessly concoct a blatant lie that the Gyallesu people were freed from a long time bondage imposed on them by the IMN in the area.
It strikes me hard that human beings could descend so low and lose their senses of judgment, reason and intellect. How could a right thinking person ever assume that hooligans scavenging on corpses of people killed by the Army are jibilating freedom from bondage?
It is very stupid to think that way because what the hooligans were actually celebrating was that the Army had made it easier for them to steal phones and monies belonging to the members of the IMN and even other properties where buildings of the IMN were demolished.
They are mistaking what looked more like a state sponsored ARMED ROBBERY for jubilation from bondage. One wonders how a government could reduce so low in aiding lawlessness and branding it as jubilation.
It is really against the principles of civility and sanity and also foolish for anyone to think that people at Gyallesu were actually celebrating the killing of Shi’ites by the Army. They were celebrating an opportunity provided for them by the Government/Army to steal properties that do not belong to them.
The theory of jubilation after the massacre was founded by the Army as a means of diverting public attention from the extent of sen
seless brutality meted on the IMN by the soldiers who killed unarmed men, women and children. this is indeed a very foolish judgment of a stupid act.