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A Baby Mosquito On Its Maiden Flight

By Mahmood AbdurRahman
“Here in Kaduna State… we cannot forget the role the Nigerian Army has played in encouraging and sustaining peace in Kaduna State…The army played a leading role in confronting the menace of the outlawed El-Zakzaky movement which has been oppressing the people of Zaria and environs for the past 30 years…” Rap! Rap!! Rap!!!.

Of the four “achievements” claimed, only the Zaria massacre attracted applause. Why? This is because the other three were despite government’s lackadaisical attitude towards combating sundry crimes, while the Zaria massacre was because of the brigandage of the Nigerian Army. Think about it. To put everything and all the sins in their proper context and perspective let us borrow a leaf or two from George Orwell.

“To know and not to know. To be conscious of the complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies. To hold simultaneously two opinions which cancel out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both… To use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that the party was guardian of democracy. To forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory…the moment it was needed and then to promptly forget it again. And above all to apply the same process to the process itself. That was the ultimate subtlety: conscious to induce unconsciousness, and then, to once again become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed. Even to understand the word “doublethink” involved the use of doublethink”.

Let’s take a walk down fantasy land. This time around not with Alice, but a baby mosquito. On his return from his maiden flight, a baby mosquito was asked by his father: how was it? Full of excitement, the baby mosquito answered; Fantastic! Everybody in the dark was clapping for me. Being an animal and a baby for that matter, such a mosquito has no way of understanding that the sound he mistook for an applause was nothing but an attempt to put him out of circulation.

Incidentally such level of naïveté is never limited to baby mosquitos. Homo sapiens that choose to be the lowest of the law (asfalas safiliyn) can equally be undiscernibly blinkered. It is a clear case of a typical hunting dog of the criminal enterprise of Takfiri Wahabism struggling to be noticed by working day and night to beat the unenviable records of Pol Pot et al. In a normal society such an erratic, mentally unstable, psychologically deranged and socially misplaced callous and cruel folk ought to have been confined to a psychiatric facility inside a correction service centre. But it is a Nigeria of Sai Baba-rians. All the same, a crash course on Rule of Law will not be out of place.

According the Nigerian constitution of which this brain spark was sworn-in to respect, abide by and protect, all citizens are innocent up and until found guilty. In the case of Zaria massacre to which he alludes, four years after, the Buhari led government at both Federal and State level are yet to find His Eminence, Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky or any of his followers guilty of any of the baseless accusations labelled against them by the combined team of conscienceless court jesters and the babarous political prostitutes. Instead, the federal government through its numerous mouthpieces has been issuing conflicting statements as to why President Buhari refused to respect a ruling from a competent court of law that never found Sheikh Zakzaky guilty of any wrongdoing. Not only that, the court ruled that the federal government should pay damages to Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife for the level of brigandage it unleashed on him and his followers.
It remains fresh in our minds that the person championing Sheikh Zakzaky’s persecution currently, was among the first callers to the resident of Sheikh Zakzaky when similar condemnable act was perpetrated against Sheikh Zakzaky during the reign of the former President Jonathan. To such a scallawag, an act of brigandage in the times of former President Jonathan is a crime. However, similar crime commitment by him in collaboration with the Nigerian army is not. Incidentally, the International Criminal Court of Justice as well as Amnesty International think differently. To them, and indeed all men of conscience, a crime remains a crime regardless of who is behind it. It does not matter whether the perpetrator comes from the creek or is a shameless and inept fraud coming from za aza room.

One other way to bring to bear the fallacy of such a blood thirsty moron is the fact that nowhere in Nigeria can anyone find any of Sheikh Zakzaky’s follower or any Shia for that matter, as a convict serving prison sentence, in any of the Nigerian correction service centres for any crime. There is none! All those incarcerated are awaiting trial with hundreds of them already discharged and acquitted by various Nigeria courts of law. This is an eloquent testimony to the effect that Sheikh Zakzaky and his followers are the most peace-loving and law-abiding folks any responsive and responsible leader at all strata of government can dream of having as citizens. Alas! In Nigeria we are not there yet. For now, it is the inglorious rein of a despot that holds sway. A person that says one thing and does the complete opposite. A person who lecture us on patronising made in Nigerian goods and goes to UK for medical treatment, with his kids schooling in Britain, his wife vacating in London and his grand child born in Spain. The mask that has been on for long is slowly but surely slipping off.

Less we forget. Saddam has been on rampage in Iraq for decades. At the time he gassed the Iraqi civilian, it was the US that vetoed any condemnation of such a heinous crime. About three decades after, he was smoked out of sewage like a rat, tried and convicted of the crime he thought nobody can do anything about. It is on record that Mohammed bin Salman confessed to the effect that the Zaria massacre perpetrated by Buhari and his mob was as a result of the blood thirsty Saudi Draculas’ directives.

Such a hunting dog together with his comrades in gangsterism need to be told that they did not in any way succeeded in subduing the Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the able and indefatigable leadership of Sheikh Zakzaky. Even among those clapping for you there might be Shias. Sheikh Zakzaky has never been so close but they know not. A million plus of these heatless hunting dogs are too insignificant to bury the truth. Yes, they did kill and main in hundreds during the Zaria massacre as well as subsequently. Yes, they are still doing same. Simply because that is the only thing and many sins they know how to do. But no amount of brigandage can bury the truth.

If a fool at forty remains fool for ever, the fools at sixty and seventy plus remain fools for eternity ad infinitun. May the hunting dogs of the criminal enterprise of Wahhabism live long to witness the growth of Islamic Movement in Nigeria and its waxing stronger. May the ugly faces of all gangsters from za oza room and their court jesters continue to be dragged in the faeces of their undoing.