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By Muhammad Darazo.
By enjoying my right to freedom of religion, movement, expression and association, #40Trek is my constitutional right and no one is duty bound to deny me of my rights. 

#40trek is a trek which demonstrate love and concern to the prophet’s household (as) over the unfortunate incident of #Karbala in which the Ahlul bait (as) were mercilessly Massacred by the Yazid’s Army. As part of the humiliation face by the prophet’s Alhulbait (as), Abdullahir Rhadi (as), an infant, received an arrow on his neck thereby turning his neck to a blood tap, his blood was spilled out of him and he attend #martyrdom.

History recorded that Ahmadus Sani, a biological grand son of prophet Muhammad (SAW) was brutally butchered by the Yazid’s army. Ahmadus Sani is the number one in terms of resemblance to our holy prophet Muhammad (SAW) after his grand mother, Her holiness, Sayyida Fatima Azzahra (as). On the same #Massacre, My mentor, my leader, my guider and my role model, Hazrat AbulFadl Abbas (as) was faced by thousands of Yazid’s Army, he resisted to the best of his ability to an extent that they cut his body parts one after the other. Historians recorded that Maulay AbulFadl Abbas’ body was as spined as a porcupine.

Imam Hussein (as) faced the worst humiliation as far as history is concern, He was butchered and cut into pieces. Hussein (as) was pulled naked by the Yazid’s Army. After the killings, Yazid’s Army forced the remaining women, children and the sick to trek from Karbala to many cities of the world at that time beer footed. In short, #40Trek is a demonstration to show love to the most oppressed people in the history of mankind and to also feel some part of the pain felt by the prophet’s Alhulbait (as) as initiated and first practiced by one of the prophet’s companions called Jabir bin Abdullah Al-Ansari who trekked from Madina to Karbala (1000+km) in order to show his love to the prophet’s household.

By the above brief introduction to the tragedy of Karbala, I felt the pain felt by the holy Household of the holy prophet (SAAW), so I decided to imitate Jabeer Al-Ansari in order to show my love and concern to the household of the holy prophet (as) with no reward expectation. The fact that I am not opportune to go to Karbala due to some serious problems, I decide to trek to Hussainiyyah Baqiyyatullah (a center for the love of the prophet’s household) in order to show my love to prophet Muhammad (SAAW) and his household (as) implying that if I am opportune to solve the problems hindering me from going to #Karbala, I will look forward to going with love in the heart. In exercising my #40Trek, I may occupy some fraction of the public road.

I am aware that I may cause delay in somebody’s "right to freedom of movement", I regret that as his "right to freedom of movement" will also affect my right to freedom of #40Trek. For the Government, please understand my expression and don’t send your army to shoot and humiliate me as the Yazid’s army did to the household of the Holy prophet Muhammad (SAAW) rather, provide a conducive atmosphere where my trek and the movement of others can take place in comfort of all. The last bullets and grenades only made me more committed, dedicated and devoted to my "rights".

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