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3-day memorial Lecture on Sheikh ABdullahi bn Fodio holds in Kebbi / Pics

By Muhammad Isa & K. Isa
A three day maulid programme marking the birthday anniversary of Sheikh Abdullahi Bn Fodio, organised by the Resource Forum of the Islamic Movement in Nigerai, was held in Birnin Kebbi, Kebbi state from Friday the 28 -30th of March 2013.

Lectures were delivered by invited speakers which include Mallam Muktar Sahabi Kaduna who, on Saturday, spoke on the life and struggle of Sheikh Abdullahi bn Fodio; his vast knowledge and how  he spread the teachings of Islam to nooks and corners of West Africa. Mallam Mukhtar also spoke on volumes of books written by the Sheikh which are still in use even  in Azhar University.

Earlier on, Mallam Kasimu Umar Sokoto delivered a public lecture on Friday. He spoke on mission of man on earth. He further spoke on the responsilities of the Muslims in reviving the teachings of the holy the holy Quran taken Sheikh Abdullahi’s struggle as a model. He also desribed the similarites of Sheikh Zakzaky’s struggle with that of Sheikh Bn Fodio. He said Sheikh Uthman decalred  ‘No king except Allah’ for the fact that  kings were the rulers of the day; while Sheikh Zakzaky declares’ There is no government (authority) except that of Allah" .

Mallam Kasimu called of people towards seeking knowledge as nothing is achieved without it.

Night session pictures below: