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25th JULY 2014, 8th ANNIVERSARY

Abdullahi Junaidu
In the history of Nigerian religious extermination, 2014 Quds massacre in Zaria is among the earliest in the subsequent decade, we can also label it as the preliminary of 2015 Zaria massacre to have the reaction of Islamic movement and prepare for the massive annihilation of the entire movement in a bid to count out the only hazard to Western hegemony in Nigeria in particular and Africa in general.

Since the emergence of the above movement that awakens millions of Nigerians from deep slumber to demand for justice and equal treatment including stopping the massive exploitation of Nigeria’s resources by the West, the hegemony and their proxies in Nigeria consider the movement as an hazard, thus, trying in any manner to drive it out for them to continue developing their region using our resources while they keep us underdeveloped and backward with no focus !

Many attacks were occasionally perpetrated against the resilient movement by different regimes since 80s including an illegal incarceration of the movement leader Sheikh Zakzaky and disrupting it’s mass gatherings at several occasions.
Despite all these obstacles the movement continues to remain resilient with high momentum of proliferation across Nigeria and neighborhood. This underline the one day destruction of Western hegemony long time plan to neo colonialise Africa and Nigeria in particular.
With these, Western power felt it necessary to exterminate the movement for it not to destabilizes their agenda.

On 25th, July 2014, many societies participated in the global demonstration in solidarity with oppressed Palestinians whom have been eradicated from their fathers land since 1948 by illegal state of Israel. Almost all the processions were terminated peacefully except in Zaria where a plan to execute Western pre-planned agenda were marked.

In a bid to weaken and diminish the Islamic movement, leader’s 3 biological children whom were all undergraduate students were proposed to brutally assassinate including several movements subscribers. The plan was executed but the outcome betrayed the client as the reaction of the movement and it’s leader who happened to be the primary victim were different from the reaction calculated and analysed on the client’s architectural and structural plan. With this, the next line of actions by the client were woefully failed as the previous agenda was not delivered properly.

Western hegemony as the client must have stopped the project and re-design another plan which was the historical 2015 Zaria massacre !

The blood of these 34 number of 2014 Quds Martyr’s didn’t cooperate to Western agenda but cooperated to Islamic movement as it’s today in existence due to their devotion.

✓ The Western hegemony as the client.
Their proxies as Nigerian govt and the victims whose primary is Islamic movement leader, Sheikh Zakzaky should all gather before God for better and final judgement.