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130 Days After Zaria Pogrom: Truth, Undisputed Facts Comes in to Limelight

By Muhammad Ibraheem Zuru
In the name of Allah the Most Omnipotent upon all despots. His peace and blessings ever be with His beloved Prophet Muhammad and his pure progeny. Today, it is precisely 130 days since after the Nigerian Army pogrom on the peaceful and stable Islamic Movement in Nigeria under the leadership of the still-detained Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky(H).

 An unprecedented despotism, where 1000+ innocent and law abiding citizens– men, women, prepubescent and young juveniles– were indiscriminately killed by the perpetrated Nigerian Army, some were even burnt alive as recently proved and reported by Amnesty International. A large number sustained a heavy injury and were still on medical attention. All these outrageous crime against humanity happened at the resident of the aforementioned leader of the of the Movement, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky. meanwhile, killed 3 of his beloved sons, shot and burnt alive his only elder sister right in his starring eyes.

The aftermath of this scandal followed by whisking away of the revered leader to an unknown destination after sustaining several gun-shots with his only wife and arrest of hundreds of his faithful followers whom were yet, illegally been detained in different Nigerian prisons.

Few hours after these inhumane acts, all the monumental buildings owned by the Movement ranging from Husainiyyah Baqiyyatullah, Darul Rahmah, Film village, Fudiyyah Islamic centre located at Dan Magaji Zaria, house of the revered leader, cemetery of his maternal mother were all notoriously demolished through a mandate of the Kaduna state Governor, Nasir El-Eufa’i, KASUPDA, spearheaded by armed forces which comprised Mobile Police and Land Army.

All these atrocity that could not fooled man as a rational creature were inscribed with barricade of Chief of Army’s convoy by members of the Movement. Next irrational propaganda was that, brothers of the Movement attempted to assassinate the Chief of Army staff, Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusuf Burutai. At present, a painstaking details noticeably showed how the Nigerian Army, panel of inquiry on the massacre, and the Kaduna state government are beating around the bush regarding the on-going public hearings on the massacre in Hasan Usman Katsina house Kaduna. To their thinking, this would justify the indiscriminate killings of the 1000+ members of the Movement along side the notorious demolition of the monumental buildings owned by the stable and peaceful Movement. 

Few days also after this crime, the spoke man of the Army, Gen. Sani Kuka Sheka had confessed that, the Army killed only few members of the Movement in addition to the fooled and gullible statement presented by T. Y. Burutai before NHRC in Abuja couple of days after the crime, that, the Army killed only 7 Shi’ites members. And contradicted the report which said : "the Army killed 300 members of the IMN".

What a surprise! It came to limelight the recent self-confession of the Secretary to the Kaduna state government before the panel of inquiry that, himself, co-ordinator Kaduna state Bureau for Islamic affairs led by about 40 Nigerian Army under the auspices of an Army officer of a rank of General have parked 156 Shi’ites corpses from Army Depot Zaria, another 191 Shi’ites members from ABUTH Morgue, which sum up to 374 and buried them in a mass grave in an open ground in Mando Area Kaduna. These innocent lives comprises men, women, children wholly buried in a grave without observing the Islamic rites recommend to be observed for a Muslim corp before burial. The mass burial done in an attempt to cover up their crime against humanity.

It is high time enough for a right thinking man to contemplate and realize that, this government is a despotic government, and does this with a view to suppressing the Islamic Movement which will subsequently be proceeded by forbidden the activities of the IMN categorically in the country. And the despotic government had recently attempted such lunatic dream in some zones of the Movement, where brothers were intermitted from holding the weekly bases pre-sermon, birth Day celebrations of the infallible, and the closing down of some Fudiyyah Primary schools.

At this juncture, I would like to call on government to immediately release Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky without conditions, his only wife, Malama Zeenatudden Ibraheem, hundreds of brothers in prison custody. And to disclose the remaining brothers and sisters that were apprehended live and whisked them away to an unknown destination. I will also let the masses at this critical point in time to comprehend that, IMN is a peace loving Movement who is calling for peace, unity and provision of equal right to all Nigerian citizens, irrespective of race, ethnic or religion. This is practicable and can only be achieved by strictly adhering to the path of the Holy Prophet, which is Islamic government.

Peace be upon the Holy Prophet. Peace be upon the progeny of the Holy Prophet. Peace be upon the righteous servants that adhere strictly to the right path.